About Us

Streets And Trickey are a Los Angeles based production company that focuses on the producing the highest quality music possible.  Paul Street, originally from Carson and Trickey, originally from Los Angeles, are primarily music producers but have expanded their brand to offer recording studio services for major and independent labels since opening their private recording studio, Streets And Trickey HQ, located in Torrance, Ca.   They have been producing and shaping the Los Angeles sound of music from behind the scene for 8 years.

Prior to the two meeting for the first time in 2007, Trickey made beats in college and sold them to students that were rapping. At the same time, Streets was learning how program a basic drum program. They were introduced to each other through Trickey’s cousin. Streets was amazed at how Trickey put beats together using a keyboard workstation and this inspired Streets to buy a keyboard. From there they started to collab and produce music for their friends group called So Aktiv.

With no music training, Streets And Trickey cultivated their production skills. They then started posting beats online on Soundclick to gain notoriety were consistently in the top 10. They gained the attention of Snoop Dogg’s producer Keith Clizark. They collaborated on many songs for his Team Mash’n imprint through Universal Music Group. They were able to save up enough money and open up their own recording studio. Once the studio was open, they were able to work with many more artists.

They have worked with AD, AV, Slim400, YG, and many other artist in Los Angeles. In February of 2015, they meet Joe Moses. They did a couple songs the first session and these songs would become the foundation to his album Brackin that was released through AOB Reocrds and Empire. This project gain mainstream notoriety and publicity because he sold the project for $50 through his Support The Movement campaign. Streets And Trickey produced 4 tracks including the Intro and the 2nd single Be The One. They also recorded and mixed the majority of the project giving Brackin its signature sound. After the success of Brackin, they were able to open up a bigger recording studio in Torrance and followed that up working with Joe Moses overseeing his From Nothing To Something 3 project, producing the FN2S3 Intro and recording mixing the project continuing their signature sound.

Currently, they are working with Joe Moses on Brackin 2. They are also working with AD, Skeme, and Slim400 on their next projects. 2016 should bring more success and opportunity their way with them continuing to live by their motto “Invest In Your Success”